Academic Pillar Ltd

Academic Support by Academics for Academics, Students and those with a Love for Learning.

By Academics

We are either academics having worked, or still working, for universities or have been involved in the HR side of things. As such we are able to provide advice and guidance for a wide range of needs from an insider position.

Customer Support

We have an in house academic team who assess each of your requests and pair you up with the relevant experts. Each member of our team holds a PhD in their own right, as well as having been employed in academia, and is therefore well-placed in assessing your needs and help you and the expert to achieve the best and most efficient results.

Problem Solvers

One university system is not like the other, nor is one university like another. Through our academic consultants we are able to foresee and circumvent many problems encountered when entering the university system.

A Digital Agency

Through the use of elearning technologies we are able to bring together specialists from all over the world. It means that no matter your topic, you will be able to speak with a true expert, academic or HR, within a very short amount of time.

Our Story

We here at Academic Pillar are all Academics with PhDs in various areas of the humanities, Social Sciences or Natural Sciences and over 40 years of teaching experience, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, at prestigious UK universities. We all remain active in the academic community through research, conferences and publications – check out the individual profiles for recent activity.

What our clients said they needed:
  • Goal Orientated Action 80%
  • Academic Support 50%
  • Expert Advice 70%
  • Our Satisfaction Rating 97%
Dr Nicola Corkin

Dr Nicola Corkin

Academic Director

Dr Corkin works in the area of constitutional law and politics and has taught courses and supervised students, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in Political Theory, Law and Politics, Public Law, Constitutional Law, Research Methods, International Relations, Comparative Politics and Research Skills. If you are interested, check out her recent book europeanization-xweb-240x400  
Dr C Blackthorn

Dr C Blackthorn

Academic Services

Dr Blackthorn works in the areas of law, feminism and popular culture. She is currently working on an edited volume about feminism in erotic literature. It is expected to be published later this year.
Dr Andrew Fleming

Dr Andrew Fleming

Academic Consultant